Explain Splitter Window ?

Splitter window resides within the frame window. It is divided into several panes, each pane can
have a different size. Splitter window provides the user with several different views for monitoring data contained in the document at the same time.
Normally, the size of each pane can be adjusted freely, this gives the user a better view of data.

There are two types of splitter windows: Dynamic Splitter Window and Static Splitter Window. For a dynamic splitter window, all views within the splitter window are of the same type. The user can create new panes or remove old panes on the fly.

For a static splitter window, the views could be of different types and the number of panes has to be fixed at the beginning. In this case, the user can not add or delete views after the program has started.

Both SDI and MDI applications can have splitter windows. In an SDI application, the splitter window is embedded in the mainframe window. In an MDI application, it is embedded in the child frame window.

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