Debugging Windows applications (Win32 applications)

Debugging tools for windows supports debugging of apps, servieces, drivers ,win kernel, different platforms servers,
user mode programmes and kernel mode programms.
Live targerts and dump files.
local and remote target

Along with tools one needs follwoing things for effective debugging.

Special debugging routines , macros, global variable in Windows DDK.
One can use this routings in driver code to send messages to debugger and set breakpoints to aid in debugging.

Access to window symbol files. one can point debuggers symbol path to Windows symbol server or can download symbols in advance.

Debugging tools
WinDbg with GUI and consol interface
Console debuggers,

-> WinDBG
1. provides source level debugging using gui and text-based interface.
2. uses MS Visual Studio Debug symbol fromats for source leve debugging. Can access any public functions name and variable exposed with .pdb symbol file.
3. It can view source code, set breakpoints, view variables, objects ,stack trace, memory.
4. it has command window to execute wide variety of commands not available through gui menus.
5. for Kernel mode debugging it requires two machines host and target.
6. It also allows to remotley degub user mode code.

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