Visual Studio 2003 & 2005 Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Manipulation Copy Ctrl + C
Ctrl + X Paste Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Z Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Transpose characters
Ctrl + T Transpose Lines Shift + Alt + T
Transpose Words
Ctrl + Shift + T Cut Line Ctrl + L
Delete Line
Ctrl + Shift + L Insert Line Above Ctrl + Enter
Insert Line Below
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Delete word to right Ctrl + Delete
Delete word to left
Ctrl + Backspace Collapse All Ctrl + M, O
Toggle outlining
Ctrl + M, M Toggle All Outlining Ctrl + M, L
Comment Selection
Ctrl + K, C Uncomment Selection Ctrl + K, U
Format Selection
Ctrl +K, F Format Document Ctrl + K, D
Make lowercase
Ctrl + U Make uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Delete horizontal whitespace
Ctrl + K, \ Toggle overtype/insert Insert
Toggle wordwrap
Ctrl +R, R Toggle whitespace Ctrl + R, W
Text Navigation Document end Ctrl + End
Document start
Ctrl + Home Go to line Ctrl + G
Go to matching brace
Ctrl + [ Scroll line Ctrl + [Up/Down]
Next word
Ctrl + Right Previous word Ctrl + Left
Next bookmark
Ctrl + K, N Previous bookmark Ctrl + K, P
Quick info
Ctrl + K, I
Text Selection Extend Selection Shift + [Arrow]
Select to end of document
Ctrl + Shift + End Select to start of document Ctrl + Shift + Home
Select to matching brace
Ctrl + Shift + ] Select to end of line Shift + End
Select to start of line
Shift + Home Extend selection by page Shift + [Page Up/Down]
Select to bottom of view
Ctrl + Shift + Page Down Select to top of view Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Select All
Ctrl + A Select Word Ctrl + W
Select to last position
Ctrl + = Select to next word Ctrl + Shift + Right
Select to previous word
Ctrl + Shift + Left
Searching/Referencing Find all references Shift + F12
Next Location
F8 Previous Location Shift + F8
Ctrl + F Find in Files Ctrl + Shift + F
Find Next
F3 Find Previous Shift + F3
Find Next Selected
Ctrl + F3 Find Previous Selected Ctrl + Shift + F3
Ctrl + H Replace in Files Ctrl + Shift + H
Debugging Apply Code Changes Alt + F10
F5 Run w/o Debug Ctrl + F5
Shift + F5 Run to Cursor Ctrl + F10
Set Next Statement
Ctrl + Shift + F10 Step Over F10
Step Into
F11 Step Out Shift + F11
Call stack
Ctrl + Alt + C Breakpoints Ctrl + Alt + B
Ctrl + Alt + D Exceptions Ctrl + Alt + E
Ctrl + Alt + I Modules Ctrl + Alt + U
Quick Watch
Ctrl + Alt + Q Registers Ctrl + Alt + G
Running Documents
Ctrl + Alt + N Threads Ctrl + Alt + T
View Autos
Ctrl + Alt + V, A View Locals Ctrl + Alt + V, L
View This
Ctrl + Alt + V, T View Watch 1-4 Ctrl + Alt + W, [1-4]
View Memory 1-4
Ctrl + Alt + M, [1-4] Toggle Breakpoint F9
New breakpoint
Ctrl + B Clear All Breakpoints Ctrl + Shift + F9
Attach to processes
Ctrl + Alt + F9
Designer View Code F7
View Designer
Shift + F7

Visual Studio 2003 & 2005 Default Keyboard Shortcuts
Projects and Files Open File Ctrl + O
Open Project
Ctrl + Shift + O Save Ctrl + S
Save All
Ctrl + Shift + S Print Document Ctrl + P
Build solution
Ctrl + Shift + B Compile Ctrl + F7
Add New Item
Ctrl + Shift + A Add Existing Item Shift + Alt + A
New File
Ctrl + N New Project Ctrl + Shift + N
Web Back Alt + Left Arrow
Alt + Right Arrow
HTML Designer List Members Ctrl + J
Display parameter info
Ctrl + Shift + Space Move to bottom Ctrl + Page Down
Move to Top
Ctrl + Page Up Bold Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I Underline Ctrl + U
Ctrl + L Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + L
Increase Indent
Ctrl + T Decrease Indent Ctrl + Shift + T
Lock Element
Ctrl + Shift + K Show Grid Ctrl + Shift + G
Insert Row/Column
Ctrl + Alt + [Arrow]
Manipulating Controls Move by 8 [Arrow]
Move by 1
Ctrl + [Arrow] Next Control Tab
Previous Control
Shift + Tab Resize by 8 Shift + [Arrow]
Resize by 1
Ctrl + Shift + [Arrow]
Windows Fullscreen Shift + Alt + Enter
Close tool window
Shift + Esc Close Document window Ctrl + F4
Move to drop down bar
Ctrl + F2 Next Document Ctrl + Tab
Previous Document
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Next Pane Alt + F6
Previous Pane
Shift + F6 Next Tab Ctrl + Page Down
Previous Tab
Ctrl + Page Up
Views Properties F4
Class View
Ctrl + Shift + C Resources Ctrl + Shift + E
Document Outline
Ctrl + Alt + T Favorites Ctrl + Alt + F
Ctrl + Alt + O Server Explorer Ctrl + Alt + S
Solution Explorer
Ctrl + Alt + L Web Browser Ctrl + Alt + R
Task List
Ctrl + Alt + K Toolbox Ctrl + Alt + X
Help Help F1
Ctrl + Alt + F1 Index Ctrl + Alt + F2
Ctrl + Alt + F3 Next Topic Alt + Down
Previous Topic
Alt + Up Help on current Shift + F1
For a complete list see http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/vsintro7/html/vxurfvisualstudio70defaultshortcutkeys.asp


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