Directions for using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition:

1. Open the Program

Entry Screen:

2. Once at the entry screen, look towards the upper left portion of the screen in the

“Recent Project” window. Click on “Create: Project”

3. A window will open with some choices in it. Choose “Win32 Console

Application,” as the screen with the black background you usually work in is

called the console.


Click Here

4. Name the project in the “Name:” text box

5. Click “OK.” This brings up the project wizard. Click “Finish”

Name Project here

6. This will bring you to a standard .cpp file with the name “PROJECT_NAME.cpp”

if you named it “PROJECT_NAME”

7. Some of the included header files or formats may look strange, but don’t delete

them! The computer puts them there to support the Microsoft .NET framework.

Just header files like you normally would.

a. For example, insert “#include ” (notice no .h)

8. Don’t change the main function format either. Just insert your code into the main

function brackets.

9. You can use the Build and Compile buttons on the upper toolbar just like Visual

C++ 6.

a. An easy to do those steps is simply to press CTRL + F5. This is the “Start

without debugging” command, and it combines all of those steps into one.

10. The debugger operates the same as Visual C++.

So hopefully this helps you run programs the same as you would in Visual C++

This program can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website.

Just Google “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition”

Build and Compile


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